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Player shadow, templates almost fully integrated

Posted by pentaphobe

There's actually very little to show in this video - rooms are now fully created by template, as are lights and the majority of entities.

The next hour or so (not counting the imminent coffee-making procedure) should show the point of my slightly less exciting looking work as we'll have proper combat and behaviour along with everything being templated.




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Limbo's pretty. can't believe I haven't played it yet.

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Camera locking and preliminary GUI stuff

Posted by pentaphobe

Really minimal visual updates so far as I've only been awake for 45mins, but I added camera locking and some simple GUI stuff while my coffee went cold beside me.

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Shadows work

Posted by pentaphobe

Technically this is from a couple of days ago, but I'm slowly moving some of the progress report stuff over to the blog.

Within a couple of days we should reach parity, at which point I'll fix the dates on these posts.



Currently implementing a definition-based map generator

Posted by pentaphobe

it's in very early stages at the moment (ie. it literally just worked for the first time ever right now) but this is a simple map generator using the KSON definition interpreter (KSON is basically JSON but with a few domain-specific quirks like you can define a range for a randomly generated parameter by surrounding it with angle brackets, and a few other tweaks)


An early video of the lighting in our prototype engine

Posted by pentaphobe

Just a quick screencap from a week or two ago which shows the initial lighting model in our prototype.

(This is really just a test of the automatic video embedding plugin)



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Not sure if this blog is going to be appropriate - but it seems worth a try.

Hopefully this can be a good place for less structured assorted thoughts.

Zalfir> glad to be here, pre-excusing my crazed rants that will find a home here instead of being wikified.

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