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Arthropod evolutionary missing link found 520 million fossil

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Relevant to our long term project.

Arthropod evolutionary missing link found 520 million fossil.


stairs, better shadows, game-like-things

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Made this video a while back.  I was still on 3G internet at the new house so I couldn't upload it.  Now I can.


  • muzzle flash is more obvious
  • bomb explosions now chain properly
  • added a reload key ‘R’
  • zombies now have random speed and attention span
  • zombies get stunned by damage
  • player damage now has visual feedback:
    screen gets redder as health goes down
    screen flashes red when hurt
  • fixed a bug in the event system which was causing some events to take longer than expected
    eg. bombs or fire taking too long to do their business


  • added stairs up and down
  • added simple persistence layer – currently only stores which entities have been removed from a level
  • added health bar for damaged zombies
  • added physics to items
    • shooting/exploding near items now causes them to move
  • shadows now match the subdivided walls more closely
    • though this means slower draws (up to 36 lines per tile instead of 4)
    • I will of course optimise this though
  • fixed a couple of bugs in the map generator code, unfortunately the maps are now less interesting looking
  • melee attacks have changed:
    • they now point in the right direction (woops!)
    • punching and crowbar have different spreads, currently 120 degrees and 180 degrees respectively
      • this makes the difference between them quite noticeable
      • this also makes punching crowds of zombies hazardous to one’s health
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