Mutant Amoeba Development a peek behind the scenes at the MAD lair


A few spritey inspirations, references and a tip from me

A quick method for antialiasing your sprites (timelapse)

More after the fold..

That previous lot were from here.


Some of these are here because I like them, some are here because they're not what I want.

The next couple are from here


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  1. Wow, that tip for how to soften the edges of sprites is really handy. With the astronaut I was trying to do it with a mix of spraypaint and manual shadowing.

  2. The guy with the shotgun surrounded by robots…sometimes I feel like that guy when I wake up in the evening and my phone has messages from when I was asleep…
    The picture below that is nearing the type of look I’d like to have, but more at the graphics level of the second last (partly due to the potentially higher speed of sprite asset generation).

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