Mutant Amoeba Development a peek behind the scenes at the MAD lair


better audio big update

Quite a few additions to this:

- basic physics
-- knockbacks from all attacks
-- you can shove zombies when you run
- extreme slowdowns!
- sound attenuation
-- with somewhat vaguely almost directionalish sound!
- fire is now a little less keen to completely destroy the map
- sounds now have individual gain in addition to volume which can be used to set the overall level of a sound independently from the attenuation
- slightly less deadly
- health regenerates
- heaps of new adjustable parameters in the console
- console now supports a few windows quirks, has a cursor and key-repeat
- and a lot of stuff that you can't see, but is good.

(Worked out the issue with the audio, but it's still a little rough around the edges.)

I'm not sure why the video recorded at about 15fps average, I think I may have too much stuff open.  Also I just realised I had shadows turned off..  for some reason.  whoops!

better audio big update - YouTube.

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