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crowbar head bashing and health

Unfortunately I still haven't worked out how to get a nice mix of game audio and microphone with Screenflick - I even tried not to mumble this time, but it's still a muffled mess.  Screenflick doesn't appear to allow re-mixing audio levels after the fact either, so we're stuck with this for now :)

Rather largish update today, though with only minor noticeable changes:

  • zombies now have gradated health rather than just being instakilled by bullets
  • crowbar now works (even though it's invisible)
    •   blood spatters off of zombies when hit
    • this stuns the zombie for a moment
  • zombies now use a spring force to move away from each other, as does the player character
    • upshots: zombies don't all cluster on one point, player can't run through packs of zombies easily
  • added a crosshair
  • added health pickups
  • structured room generator can now define whether certain types of entities can or should spawn within each room
  • fixed some fire spamming
  • numerous other minor fixes and tweaks

crowbar head bashing and health - YouTube.


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