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Currently implementing a definition-based map generator

it's in very early stages at the moment (ie. it literally just worked for the first time ever right now) but this is a simple map generator using the KSON definition interpreter (KSON is basically JSON but with a few domain-specific quirks like you can define a range for a randomly generated parameter by surrounding it with angle brackets, and a few other tweaks)

Presently I'm just using the extremely limited tile set to demonstrate connected rooms and that the definitions actually work (changing the default floor tile) but I'm going to add a few other nice features like fixed size subdivision.

I'm aiming for something along the lines of:

  • create a large room that's wider than it is tall
  • subdivide it with 6 divisions horizontally and 2 vertically
  • at each division place a door and connect one of the defined child rooms (rooms which must be connected to this one)
most of this functionality is already present, I'm just wrestling with ways to specify the subdivisions which remains flexible enough to allow broad usage.
I'm basically writing an L-system, so it may be worth investigating existing methods for their representation in case there are any revolutionary ideas out there which can save me a moment's head-scratching.

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