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The theme for Ludum Dare #24: Evolution!

So I spent last night deciding to use FlashPunk which up until about 11pm I'd never used before - seems like it'll be a good fit; most of the good and very little of the bad.

Very very glad I took some time to get the development environment up and running beforehand though.  That's already paid off twice. Once I got everything up and running I set about spending a little time just free form writing to see if I was comfortable enough, this is the result.

my warmup, codenamed "will I be able to use this environment?"

It's now a one and a third hours since the theme was revealed.  I was secretly really hoping against "Evolution" as it's very close to about half a dozen small projects that are currently in progress (and one major one).

However, on SethR's advice I've avoided whinging about the theme and instead have dug forth through the wilderness, coming up with a two page bullet list of potential game ideas.  Some already feel like they'd be fun, but I'm going to now sit with my coffee, digest my eggs and vegetarian lasagne and let the feeling wash over me for a while.

The ideas mostly fall into the "non-groundbreaking mechanic with funny gimmicks" category, so I'd like to give myself a little longer to ponder in case something really awesome occurs to me.


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