Mutant Amoeba Development a peek behind the scenes at the MAD lair


Okay, pretty much chose my game now.

Choosing is hard.  wahh.

Here's the first page of my morning list:

It's hard to read, but: (A) You're Jesus, burying dino bones for your dad.

General Status

Spent the last hour working out the FlashPunk tile class.  took me an amusingly long time to realise that it actually renders a canvas and isn't re-rendering tiles every frame.

This is a Good Thing, but kind of hobbled me for a while.

Got basic parallax scrolling world working pretty quickly, can't get bogged down in false sense of security though.

Here's where it stands before I go off to work at the bar for the night :{>


It ain't much, but it was easy


I also appear to have roughly arrived at a decision, hard to choose between a few really fun ideas.  So I'm going to join as many of them together as possible.

So yes, unless I get deeply inspired by something else whilst at work, it's fairly locked away.


current mood: I don't wanna go to work!

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  1. wow. okay, I’m not a WordPress genius.

    Clicked the “flip image” after realising it was mirrored, but apparently I never hit save on that particular edit and have now lost the ability to rectify this issue. But have to leave in 5 mins, so that’s that :)

  2. Solved. everything went better than expected!

  3. Haha, that’s a fantastic concept, can’t wait to see how it manifests.

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