Mutant Amoeba Development a peek behind the scenes at the MAD lair


Player shadow, templates almost fully integrated

There's actually very little to show in this video - rooms are now fully created by template, as are lights and the majority of entities.

The next hour or so (not counting the imminent coffee-making procedure) should show the point of my slightly less exciting looking work as we'll have proper combat and behaviour along with everything being templated.


Notes (duplicated on the youtube video):

* WARNING: my jacket button grinds against the video a couple of times during the video - it's kind of uncomfortable if you have the volume up loud
* apparently you can't see the dual shadows due to the video compression - it's there though!
* areas are quite dark - that's just because I dug around before recording the video and thus there were no lights generated
* I said "umbra" for almost exactly the wrong thing, being the dark part of a shadow, not the bright part of a light :)

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