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StarForge – First Playable Release – YouTube

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StarForge - First Playable Release - YouTube.

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You down wit OPT (Other People’s Technology)

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I'm trying to avoid overwhelming this blog with non-project related stuff, so I'm going to just link a few in one post occasionally.

CryEngine 3 - Soft Body Physics - YouTube.  This one's lovely - I'm surprised it's taken us this long to get here.  A friend of mine and I started a business together back in 2001 which was going to focus its energies on advancing the procedural capabilities of software tools, this particular video shows one of the things we felt needed addressing. Alas we both got contract work and the business closed with nothing more than a lot of interesting speculative design.  (it's worth noting that we weren't aiming at the realtime market, this sort of tech should have been much better in 2001 than it was)



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Limbo's pretty. can't believe I haven't played it yet.

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