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LD24 – Review E02 by ojbhbz

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Tee hee!  is doing an ongoing review of LD24 games, I'm giddy to see mine in there.

However it's a good example of how little AS3/FlashPunk experience I have that he's getting so much lag.  There are very few entities onscreen so I must be doing something extraordinarily stupid in Flash terms..

LD24 - Review E02 - YouTube.

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I got done! And didn’t pass out! 23 hours!

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Despite internet failing at (literally) 12 minutes until the deadline I've pulled through.

It's not everything I had hoped for, but significantly more than I had fretted for.

How did I get a shot with no brains in it?I can't believe I'm looking at this thing done! Now to go rate the others.. Or perhaps sleep first.

You can play it here

Due to work and slumber this ended up only being about a 23 hour compo for me, I look forward to attempting the full weekend some time.

I think I'll explore the whole LD experience and do a PostMortem soon, too. Perhaps more appropriate to do it for a fixed up Jam version so that the original idea gets across more.

Nonetheless, for the curious here's a little run down off the top of my head (after the break):


Sketching away

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Can’t talk, panicking!

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So - I knew it'd be a little rushed given I was away from computers for around 12 of the allocated 48 hours, but after a few rather exceptional bugs which kept me scratching my head for much of today's attempts I am left with only this and 13 hours!

Those are brains, you get 'em to upgrade your evolution points, which give you better skills

Right then.

Back to panic!

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Okay, pretty much chose my game now.

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Choosing is hard.  wahh.

Here's the first page of my morning list:

It's hard to read, but: (A) You're Jesus, burying dino bones for your dad.

General Status

Spent the last hour working out the FlashPunk tile class.  took me an amusingly long time to realise that it actually renders a canvas and isn't re-rendering tiles every frame.

This is a Good Thing, but kind of hobbled me for a while.

Got basic parallax scrolling world working pretty quickly, can't get bogged down in false sense of security though.

Here's where it stands before I go off to work at the bar for the night :{>


It ain't much, but it was easy


I also appear to have roughly arrived at a decision, hard to choose between a few really fun ideas.  So I'm going to join as many of them together as possible.

So yes, unless I get deeply inspired by something else whilst at work, it's fairly locked away.


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The theme for Ludum Dare #24: Evolution!

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So I spent last night deciding to use FlashPunk which up until about 11pm I'd never used before - seems like it'll be a good fit; most of the good and very little of the bad.

Very very glad I took some time to get the development environment up and running beforehand though.  That's already paid off twice. Once I got everything up and running I set about spending a little time just free form writing to see if I was comfortable enough, this is the result.

my warmup, codenamed "will I be able to use this environment?"

It's now a one and a third hours since the theme was revealed.  I was secretly really hoping against "Evolution" as it's very close to about half a dozen small projects that are currently in progress (and one major one).

However, on SethR's advice I've avoided whinging about the theme and instead have dug forth through the wilderness, coming up with a two page bullet list of potential game ideas.  Some already feel like they'd be fun, but I'm going to now sit with my coffee, digest my eggs and vegetarian lasagne and let the feeling wash over me for a while.

The ideas mostly fall into the "non-groundbreaking mechanic with funny gimmicks" category, so I'd like to give myself a little longer to ponder in case something really awesome occurs to me.


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