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stairs, better shadows, game-like-things

Posted by pentaphobe

Made this video a while back.  I was still on 3G internet at the new house so I couldn't upload it.  Now I can.


  • muzzle flash is more obvious
  • bomb explosions now chain properly
  • added a reload key ‘R’
  • zombies now have random speed and attention span
  • zombies get stunned by damage
  • player damage now has visual feedback:
    screen gets redder as health goes down
    screen flashes red when hurt
  • fixed a bug in the event system which was causing some events to take longer than expected
    eg. bombs or fire taking too long to do their business


  • added stairs up and down
  • added simple persistence layer – currently only stores which entities have been removed from a level
  • added health bar for damaged zombies
  • added physics to items
    • shooting/exploding near items now causes them to move
  • shadows now match the subdivided walls more closely
    • though this means slower draws (up to 36 lines per tile instead of 4)
    • I will of course optimise this though
  • fixed a couple of bugs in the map generator code, unfortunately the maps are now less interesting looking
  • melee attacks have changed:
    • they now point in the right direction (woops!)
    • punching and crowbar have different spreads, currently 120 degrees and 180 degrees respectively
      • this makes the difference between them quite noticeable
      • this also makes punching crowds of zombies hazardous to one’s health
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Once more, with shadows

Posted by pentaphobe

So the shadows don't appear to work with Slick's VAOGLRenderer, presumably I'm not flushing when I should flush or something.

For now I've rolled back to the immediate mode shadows, which is a major speed hit.

(but boy is it fun hitting things!)

Once more, with shadows - YouTube.

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better audio big update

Posted by pentaphobe

Quite a few additions to this:


crowbar head bashing and health

Posted by pentaphobe

Unfortunately I still haven't worked out how to get a nice mix of game audio and microphone with Screenflick - I even tried not to mumble this time, but it's still a muffled mess.  Screenflick doesn't appear to allow re-mixing audio levels after the fact either, so we're stuck with this for now :)

Rather largish update today, though with only minor noticeable changes:


zombie kills!

Posted by pentaphobe

(Apologies for the almost inaudible narration - combination of background traffic, gunshots and mumbling makes it almost pointless to listen to me... more so than normal I mean)

It's almost a really basic playable thing that almost entirely doesn't resemble the game but covers a large quantity of the required functionality!



hud and blud – YouTube

Posted by pentaphobe

hud and blud - YouTube.

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Added some polish..

Posted by pentaphobe

Just a quick overview of what I just added - I'll do a proper video soon (with better sound) covering all of the major changes since the last videos.


tilesize change glitch hilarity

Posted by pentaphobe

tilesize change glitch hilarity

I just switched the engine over from 16x16 to 24x24 to make the most of the wall masking stuff, I also thought it'd be a good way to find any of the stray hardcoded tile sizes.


Turns out I was correct

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You down wit OPT (Other People’s Technology)

Posted by pentaphobe

I'm trying to avoid overwhelming this blog with non-project related stuff, so I'm going to just link a few in one post occasionally.

CryEngine 3 - Soft Body Physics - YouTube.  This one's lovely - I'm surprised it's taken us this long to get here.  A friend of mine and I started a business together back in 2001 which was going to focus its energies on advancing the procedural capabilities of software tools, this particular video shows one of the things we felt needed addressing. Alas we both got contract work and the business closed with nothing more than a lot of interesting speculative design.  (it's worth noting that we weren't aiming at the realtime market, this sort of tech should have been much better in 2001 than it was)


Player shadow, templates almost fully integrated

Posted by pentaphobe

There's actually very little to show in this video - rooms are now fully created by template, as are lights and the majority of entities.

The next hour or so (not counting the imminent coffee-making procedure) should show the point of my slightly less exciting looking work as we'll have proper combat and behaviour along with everything being templated.